A prospective client came to us last year with a design challenge for their backyard.  Getting to their above ground pool was awkward and uninviting.  Their wood deck was dingy, needed cleaning, and its stairs led the wrong way – to the front.  But the pool was in the back.  The grass was deteriorating, the stone perimeter around the pool was painful to bare feet, and the pool seemed like someone’s distant bad idea.  Despite spending thousands of dollars on the pool, their teen-age children rarely used it.  They were always off at some friend’s house — or who knows where.  Here’s their backyard:

Would you want this backyard?

We initially spent two hours with them discussing their present deck, the geography of their yard, how they might use the space, and most importantly, what they wanted for their new backyard, both functionally and aesthetically.  We explored all this in great detail.  A safe area by the pool for the teenagers was paramount, but also important was an adjacent area where the adults could enjoy themselves – and still see the pool.  And they really wanted low maintenance materials.  “Let’s enjoy the pool this summer rather than constantly work on the deck.” This made sense to us, too.  They were eager to have us design some solutions, and we were eager begin creating.

After several hours working with our CAD program in the office, we had two design solutions.  Time to meet with our clients and get their reactions.  Our CAD program produces photo-like 3-D designs that we can rotate, zoom in, and change.  Our design meetings are always fun.  The black rails look good, but let’s see white rails.  Tan flooring blends with the yard, but is it the best color?  How many steps to the yard?  Should we move the steps to the right side?  Maybe lowering the teenagers’ deck area would bring it closer to the pool and separate it from the adult’s area.  How much would it cost to build the lattice in low maintenance PVC?

So here is the final design.  What do you think?

Click to enlarge

Our clients loved it.  They signed up and let us build their dream deck.  And here it is:

Now how about this in your backyard?

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